About us.

We are the magic online revolution.

Alakkazam is more than just a business. It is something real and meaningful.

Our mission is to create great memorable experiences, by the means of technology and the most pure innovation.

We design experiences for the little adventurer, treasure-hunter and somehow adult-child that lives inside us.
Great experiences for the little adventurer inside us
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We create awesome experiences

1, 2, 3... Alakkazam!

The magic component is our main strength and it is the result of the combination of interaction research, forefront hardware implementations, software creativity, gamification, art, people, love and lots of passion for our work!

All beginnings are tough, so indeed we need your support and your feedback. Now more than ever!
Do you think that you can work with us dedicating body and soul?
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Alakkazam ❤ U

Technology is our magic power

The Internet is a huge cold chaos and although it is prepared to connect people from all over the world almost no one has done so on a human, fun, close and warm level.

We want to deviate from the trail that huge enterprises lead by bringing ourselves closer to every human being, listening to them, making them feel part of our evolution and in return crafting for them fun, innovative, magical and unique experiences, as unique is every human being.
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Technology is our magic power