These are the current projects we are working on.

  • Maskkerade

    Hokus Pokus Server

    Design of a fast and optimum server oriented to cover social and communication environments.

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  • Maskkerade


    An online unique social gamified experience for everyone. Join the masquerade!

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Hokus Pokus ServerHokus Pokus Server

Enhancing communication. Faster, better, magical.

A good user experience in online environments cannot exist without a big server infrastructure, powerful enough to serve a large amount of users really fast. That's why nowadays any initiative that plans to serve to a moderately high number of users is blocked because of the high costs of building that big infrastructure, which normally depends on powerful enterprises.
During the last few years Alakkazam's team has been researching and is actually going to develop the required hardware to achieve high power at low costs.
High Performance Server

The Hokus Pokus Server (a.k.a. High Performance Server or HPS) project consists on the design and implementation of a lowcost and low consumption high performance server that allows the incorporation in a high speed server cluster.
Technically, we are designing a High Speed Server with high speed access to NIC card with a custom Kernel Linux solution.
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Hokus Pokus ServerMaskkerade

The social online gamified experience.

Maskkerade. Unmask your experience.

Maskkerade is a social online gamified experience. It can't be named after any actual tag because it brings altogether features of very different backgrounds in a special and innovative way. We can't say much yet, though. Our goal with Maskkerade can be summarised in the following sentence:
'Everyone needs a secret identity to release their feelings. Let your imagination fly while we prepare the masquerade.'
We want to build all this whole experience for everyone, so that everyone can enjoy their own. That's why we will be soon talking with our audience and making them feel part of Maskkerade, much before it is launched.
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