Meet the minds behind Alakkazam.

Rafael Lara

Rafael Lara, CEO.

He has a powerful mind and controls almost every aspect of technology. There's no technical aspect that can resist him.

Mathematician by the University of Barcelona (UB), with mastery on applied maths.

Telecommunications engineering by the Politechnic University of Barcelona (UPC) and IT computer engineering experience of more than 30 years.

With a master's degree in production management he has worked in many different technology areas, ranging from computer game tester to software project manager, going through robotic developer and server design and optimization. He has a special expertise in project management and software engineering.

Rafael Lara

Sandra Lara, Vice-CEO & CTO.

She's an enthusiast and loves creating unforgettable experiences, mixing technology and the purest creativity, always at the forefront.

BSc in Physics by the Open University (OU) and one year left to finish BSc Mathematics.

Multimedia engineer and almost IT engineer by the URL (Barcelona), La Salle BCN.

Despite her youth has developed many different applications in multiple platforms and is working in the Seamless Interaction Group (La Salle R&D) performing human computer interaction research.